About Us

About Us

Established in 2021, Malilou Store is a fair-trade online marketplace for artists and lovers of art to demonstrate their passion for artisan goods and share their love. With an aim to bring together all sorts of handmade goods in one place, Malilou Store supports the creation and acquisition of artisan items from all over the world. The marketplace operates as a social enterprise striving to empower artisans and artists with the aim to effectively connect isolated artisans to the local and international markets.

How It All Started

If you’re looking for a dynamic seller of artisan products, you may want to know the story behind it. Emmanuela Delisme, the founder of the family business, had a supreme passion for handmade products. Upon exploring the market, she realized that most of the existing e-Commerce sellers of artisan products adopted the same approach used by other marketplaces, that is, providing an efficient digital platform to buyers and sellers of items across different categories. While there’s nothing wrong with that, when it comes to handmade products, that’s not enough.

Given the nature of the products and all the hard work that goes into bringing these products to market, sellers should be given an opportunity to connect with customers and share the story behind how the handmade goods came into being. This is perfectly in line with what many lovers and users of artisan goods want.

Many customers are curious and would love to read or watch written or visual content such as an excerpt about how the seller developed the expertise to create a specific handmade product or a behind-the-scenes video showing how the item is created. Some customers would even base their purchase decision on the story, which is why it’s a highly effective strategy for sellers.

Keeping this research in mind, Emmanuela chose to launch the Malilou Store with an objective to give a voice to artists, as well as provide lovers of handmade items a platform to find what they’re interested in and connect with the product development process.

Our Vision

The Malilou Store envisages building an ecosystem that connects every artisan around the globe directly to the target audience, impacting and benefiting their individual and collective vision and respect for the arts.

Our Mission

At the Malilou Store, we’re on a mission to revive dying crafts and arts, giving artisans room to grow and explore sustainable ventures through smooth market access, viable partnerships, skill development, and design consultation. By assisting them in becoming economically viable, we aim to support fair trade businesses and good causes. The Malilou Store is on a mission to economically empower women entrepreneurs and debilitated artisans. This should in turn create countless income generation opportunities and jobs. With the ultimate aim to foster peace, admiration, mutual respect, and harmony, we try to unite cultures and subcultures of different nations and strengthen intercultural bonds.

Are You an Artist?

The Malilou Store serves as a unique place for you and other artists around the world to celebrate your expertise and passion for artisan products. Our store will connect you with marketable, modern designs, and offer design consultation for handmade products. You’ll become part of our massive, global artisan community and feel like family.

We will provide you with a complete e-Commerce solution with a lot of flexibility in terms of product categories, time required for product creation, shipment options, payment options, and so on. With efficient order receiving and processing, we offer a no-hassle order fulfillment setup to ensure the satisfaction of both the sellers and buyers. In the end, you should generate actual profit from your products that you truly deserve.

As mentioned earlier, you also have the opportunity to tell your brand story to site visitors. Be sure to share your compelling story to attract a maximum number of buyers.

Are You a Buyer?

If you’re a lover and user of artisan products, we offer a one-stop solution for all your needs. Whether you’re looking for handmade home décor items, jewelry, soap, or any other type of artisan product, you can count on us to provide some truly unique products. If you can’t find the handmade product you have in mind in our marketplace, let us know, and we’ll try to source it for you!  

If you believe Malilou Store is the right place for your buying and selling needs, get in touch today! (CTA)